Well This Fucked

Security researchers discovered a new set of vulnerabilities in Intel chips that go back to 2011, including the chips that have been used in Apple devices.

However, Apple addressed the vulnerability in the macOS Mojave 10.14.5 update released on Monday, as well as in security patches for older versions of macOS that were also released yesterday. It only patches half the  vulnerability.

“ZombieLoad,” consists of four bugs that can allow hackers to exploit the security flaws in the chips to steal sensitive information directly from the processor. (Via TechCrunch)


Cautionary Article About The Blockchain

“So long as cryptocurrency exists, so too will the extraordinary lengths to which thieves will go to try to steal it. Unfortunately, that also includes preying on weak private keys, a method that has evidently made one crypto bandit filthy rich with millions in swiped Ethereum.”


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Do you eat at Jimmy John’s

Found this on @Twitter this morning.

This bozo went and shot and elephant recently and sits on it’s right leg and gives two thumbs up. He is CEO of the JJ’s restaurant chain


Elephants are becoming extinct and as are one of the easiest of animals to shot because of their size.

Rumour has it that it will be on the menu in the week of April 21 2019 at all Jimmy John’s.

Bank Heists

Best regards,

my name is Kwabena Donkor, I am 54 year old official of a bank in Ghana 
with a long service experience.

I solicit your cooperation on behalf of an investor, to receive a 
deposit of $12.5 million United States dollars in our suspense account 
for investment in your country, with a 60 / 40 sharing benefits on the 
revenue. I would make available to you necessary documentation, that 
would facilitate your application as beneficiary of the funds. Funds 
would be released to you once your details are verified by our 
compliance unit.

All arrangement will be done on your behalf to release the funds into 
your account. Your information will be protected and handled privately 
with no risk involved. Please get back to me for further clarifications 
and directives on the process.Please contact me with this email address: 

Your cooperation is highly appreciated


Kwabena Donkor.